Welcome to One Of Us.


I survived breast cancer TWICE ! 

Throughout the years, I’ve tackled multiple surgical procedures and endured many challenges coping with the reality of this disease. My first diagnosis was at the age of 26. Since then, I’ve made a promise to myself to not only to find the best products and services to help me survive this life-changing journey, but to share it with others just like me.

I’m very passionate about paddle boarding. In  2011, I teamed up with Victoria Stuart, from Starboard NZ and established Paddle for Hope. My objective is simple, to face the waves of cancer rehabilitation head-on.

In 2014 we created the Paddle for Hope painted warrior pink board. This board aims to empower women to push through whatever challenges arise, as a warrior would.

In 2018, I met Natalia Bertolo, Aurai swimwear designer and founder. With her design expertise and my breast cancer story we converted most of Aurai's collection to be mastectomy friendly and launched our collection during New Zealand Fashion Week 2018. 

I am always on the hunt to uncover the latest assortment of products and services curated for breast cancer patients/survivors.

My core principles are:

- I believe in taking care of ourselves through our mind, body and soul.

- I believe that in moments of adversity and uncertainty, creativity can thrive when we surround ourselves with positivity and good energy.

- I believe that scars tell a story and we should wear them proudly.

- I believe that sharing our story can help others so they too can become 



Karin xx