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I met Vyctorya at the Ellerslie Racecourse more than a year ago. She was so lovely , bubbly and friendly and we couldn't  stop chatting.  I remembered her telling me that she owned a nail salon. Now , let me tell you, this humble, beautiful woman owns one of the most relaxing nail salons you can find in Auckland.

I have been visiting The Art Of Nails since last August. After months of having the longest and most trendiest nails I have ever had, I decided it's time to write my about my experience. I admit, when I walk in it feels like no other. The music played in the background, the interior design and the way her staff present themselves, always with a big smile and LOTS of patience. I think, for me personally patience is the key when it comes to self care. Both ways. So when I don't feel like I being rushed by anyone this is, for me, the ultimate care. We always chat, they staff is friendly and you receive a cup of herbal tea upon your arrival. 

Don't forget , I am talking NAILS. Not a spa. It does look and feel this way.

Colours - the latest trends are there and the girls make sure it suits you. Its quite hard to choose the colour. I think its one of the hardest jobs, if you know what I mean.....ha !

I chatted to the owner of The Art Of Nails, Vyctorya this week:


Victorya came to New Zealand 18 years ago from Hanoi, Vietnam. She studied beauty and founded her first salon in 2007. "I’ve always had a passion for the fashion and beauty industry and love the challenges of running and building a business".

Joe and Vyctorya manage The Art Of Nails together.They are more than business partners, they are an inspiring couple and their great energy certainly projects on the way the business is managed. 

Q: What made you start the business ?

A: I saw a gap in the market to provide high-quality service at affordable prices and I’ve always wanted to own my own business.

Q: You showed a lot of  compassionate from the moment you heard that I have been through breast cancer twice. Why are you so supportive of breast cancer events and what made you support our event last August and Eat Drink Pink ? 

Breast cancer is such an important area  to support.  so many women are being diagnosed every day with breast cancer.  It is important to maintain the momentum around keeping it in the public eye. I am compassionate in my nature and It makes me feel good to help others. As a business owner it has a feel good factor. 

(The Art of nails donated more than $2000 worth of vouchers to our events. It is a significant donation).

Q: Lets get trendy, what is your favourite colour this season ?

A: I’m loving the color yellow at the moment. ( Cannot agree more, I am actually wearing it now ). 

Q: What is so unique about The Art Of Nails ?

A: We are focused on providing a total experience not just having your nails done but we want our treatments to be a special and enjoyable time for all our clients.

Q: What are your top tips for strong beautiful  looking nails ?

A:  look after your hands, make sure you press back the cuticles regularly and don’t chew them.

For more information :

Vyctorya and Karin at Highlife Music, food and Wine festival 2019


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