7 days of easy make up removing, exfoliating and restoration. Three easy steps to follow.

This has been my ritual for a long time now. So what is the difference with Corbin Road ? The difference is that  now you can do it with one product.

HOW ? I was interested in this revolutionary product myself. Not just the jar but the added silk cloth that comes with it. "This is where the magic happens" I was told at the launch.

I have been using different products along the years and I am quite loyal to one or two brands. You can see it on my Instagram posts and stories. I tend to use products with a story behind them, as natural as possible and made in New Zealand or distributed here by someone who inspires me.

Some products are being designed here but manufactured overseas which as long as its eco friendly and sustainable - I am all for it. The majority of my beauty products in my bathroom is made of natural ingredients and many of them include essential oils, Manuka honey and other components that I would probably be able to consume orally too. 

This is where Corbin Road comes into place. Took me some time but I started using the balm and silk cloths. 

I left the cloths in the shower, by my sink and I kept my balm by the sink too so I don't forget and use anything else. This is how I do it. TOTAL.

I started seeing result such as on my chin where I had these two areas of annoying bumps, they were hard to see but I could see them! I noticed these areas were getting better and the skin healing with the regular exfoliation. The Viteve exfoliating  cloths I thought were a bit harsh a couple of times but I eventually got the hang of how long and how much pressure to apply.

Together with my other natural beauty products I started seeing an improvement in the texture of my skin. 

Not only that, But I really enjoyed using the balm. It smells divine. It was quick, no mess, I could take it away with me and not worry of anything spilling in my bag.

Cloths are totally washing machine washable, so easy ! You have 7 of them ! Because you need to use a clean one every day!

As soon I rubbed the balm between the palms of my hand , I could inhale the aroma of these oils and it felt like I was having a face massage. It removes all make up, toxins and leaves your skin soft and not dry and tight.. Its easy on the eyes and lips. 

One products for three simple steps. Perfect !

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The combo pack 50g Restorative cleaning balm + 7 piece silk exfoliating cloth (Monday -Sunday ) retails for $159.95 + a double glassed thermos Valued at $45.00 and I hear there are some other goodies to go in the prize pool as well! 


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