WOW ! 2019 has arrived and it seems like we are already marching through the new year , although its only been a week into it.

This year was so much about people, friends and community. I lost people I knew to cancer and I met new survivors. I was embraced by the community once again who supported me through my last breast reconstruction. Months of rehabilitation and so much more! 

I MC'd two big events, I spoke about my journey in six breast cancer fundraisers and I was on TV as well, promoting Paddle For Hope. 

So many learning curves and so much to think about. One belief strengthened :  "believe that good things happen".

This past year has been challenging. With all those obstacles I created something new and I am one step closer to being me, Or maybe a new version of myself. I met so many new people who have become part of my journey. In other words :become ONE OF US. 

Watching One Of Us  evolve is overwhelming and scary at the same time. I am trying not to worry much and hope that I can reach more women around the world.

This belief is keeping me going, my main value TRUST THE JOURNEY hit once again and the fact that I have to help from my experience. 

Along the years, I found that passion changed and my areas of interest shifted. I sometimes go back to my old passion. One are always stays the same : people. Love people and it feeds me with the will to do more.

Hope 2019 will bloom and create new opportunities and strengthen the old. 

HAPPY 2019 everyone ,


Karin xx

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