The moment I heard about it, I was thrilled. How many women who wear prosthesis find it hard to wear them? All prosthesis are designed generically and I have seen so many women struggle with finding the right bra because their prosthesis doesn't fit properly. 

You might have guessed already, I am talking about a revolutionary invention. My Reflection is a 3D  printed breast prosthesis for women who had a mastectomy or partial. 

Last Saturday I was invited to the launch. It was held at Bendon's store in New Market. There was one lady who said "I follow you on social media". I felt privileged. These moments are the ones which keep me going.

                                                                      Fay and the NZ breast cancer foundation CEO Evangelia  K Henderson

Photo credit :Nicola Topping 

Karin Horen and Fay

Fay Cobbett and Tim Carr are partners. When Fay was diagnosed with breast cancer , Tim was by her side and after a lot of research and through Fay's own experience and their journey as partners, they saw the need for something different. Together with Tim's technological skills and a lot of support, My Reflection was born.

Times have changed. There is so much happening in this area. Breast cancer awareness has grown along the years and with 1 of 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time, so there is certainly there is room for development , innovation and finding more solutions for prevention. Saying that, with more survival rates, and more need for rehabilitation, comes the need to allow women to have more choices when it comes to how the look and feel.

Personally for me, its such a refreshing idea. I have had part one of my reconstruction and have half a breast. Sometimes I need to fill in the bra. This can be perfect. 

Prosthesis can be heavy and they break after a while. There is no easy way around it.  Any woman who needs one, has to travel to purchase and when it breaks it  takes time and sometimes costs extra to replace. With this amazing invention, where a woman can tailor her own prosthesis which will match the dents, scars and surface of her  mastectomy area, women can feel good about themselves, potentially purchase nicer bras, and feel more comfortable and confident as they are lighter. And ..You can have the scan at your own home. 

Incredible right ?

For more information visit

myReflection Prosthesis

Often completely Covered by New Zealand Government Subsidy - Currently up to $613.33inc per breast if paid using government subsidy


  • Onsite consultation by trained female staff (check serviced locations for availability)

  • 3D Scanning in the privacy of your own home (Coming to 35 Bendon Stores Soon)

  • Production of 3D model used to create your prosthesis

  • Two myReflection prostheses

  • Delivery via courier to you in New Zealand

  • Two more myReflection prosthesis as needed during the four year government subsidy period

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