What a big year this has been. I am so grateful to the ones who have supported my journey this year. 

Christmas and New Year is that time, where we reflect on what we have achieved. Many people think about what they would like to achieve first, before they tap on their shoulders.

For me, personally, Its time to look back and firstly acknowledge what I have done despite having obstacles. What have I learned and what changes have I made to get to this point. I believe in trusting the journey and I even carry a bracelet that has "trust the journey " engraved on it. 

I actually enjoy looking back and seeing what we have gone through that was not planned. How incredible is that ? Meeting new people who came into our lives, and who did we say good bye to, what did theses people leave for us to take for the future and how meeting certain people has made our lives better.

It is so easy to just walk away from what we did to the next chapter not giving ourselves the compliments we deserve to receive. We usually say that to others. 

So lets welcome the NEW YEAR with open hands, being grateful to being here and to overcoming obstacles, marching through life and wish for a great 2019 with lots of new adventures, success and most important -Good health.



Karin xx 

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