One Of Us The Project was created when Natalia Bertolo and I met only a few months before New Zealand Fashion week 2018.

With Natalia's swimwear and fashion design experience and love for the water, and my personal breast cancer story and as a passionate paddle boarder , our collaboration begun ; Mastectomy friendly swimwear from the house of Aurai.

We both came with the understanding that women should feel more confident and that there is no need for women who had a mastectomy to fell different  when it came to fashion. They should feel "One of us". We just said that. 

We launched the collaboration at NZFW 2018. Natalia converted most of her swimwear to be mastectomy friendly while making some changes as we progressed to suit the need better. 

It has been such a fun, exciting and inspiring journey for us both. 

As we progressed, I realised the need for more products under one umbrella thatch  support women on their breast cancer journey and beyond and support their well being. 

This is when  journey begun. It didn't take long. I was filled with excitement, enthusiasm and collaborating with the right products has been my main value.

This is a hub for every woman, Not just who have gone through breast cancer. Therefore, One Of Us is inspired by what I believe in , by my personal experience and the products I have been using or used through my journey. 


Karin xx 

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