Did you know that Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet ? I know, cause I speak Hebrew. When I was introduced to this new brand, Aleph, I was so excited. It literally spoke my language!

The minimalist packaging and the simplicity in the logo design just makes it all beautiful to the eye. I was so intrigued to try their foundation and lip/cheek little jar. Once it arrived I decided to use it straight away. Oh no, I am telling a lie, I did wait 24 hours , as I was already wearing makeup when I received the package. 

Emma Peters, founder of Alep.Beauty ,is a well known international makeup artist. Emma brings her expertise in the filed and offers colour consult online. 

Aleph.Beauty products are #VEGAN #GEFREE #CHILDLABORFREE #CRUELTY FREE and #NONGMO and their packaging is 100% sustainable. 

I started by applying my MD face oil and Pure Shade sunscreen. I continued by applying Aleph.Beauty foundation/ concealer no. 4 that was sent to me by Emma. She picked the right colour that suits my summer olive and tanned skin tone.

The foundation glides so well ( I used the brush first but the second time used my fingertips. That was much easier and quick ).

My skin looked lively and fresh. The coverage was amazing. There was something so natural about it. Flawless I should say. I didn't feel the need to wear any powder or add any shimmer or bronzer. Once I applied the lip/ cheek balm it was even more visible to me, how it boosted the overall look and my skin looked radiant. It actually didn't feel like I was wearing any makeup as it felt so light.

Foundation/concealer                   lip/cheeks balm

Lips, cheeks and the whole face in 5 minutes. It passed my test of paddle boarding, training and walking all day that even this weekend, when I was taking photos as part of the EVITALASH NZ project, I asked my makeup artist to use Aleph as my foundation. We also used the lip/cheek balm. 

Absolutely love it. 

To receive your 10% discount please go to and use "AKH10".



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